End-to-end smart home solutions and products.

Comsec Electrical is your one-stop-shop for hi-tech cabling and communications solutions. Our smart home solutions and smart home products can also assist with streamlining your daily life.

End-to-end solutions (E2ES) is an accurate term to describe us. E2ES implies that the supplier of a system will provide all hardware components, software and also resources to meet the customer requirements.

Our raft of smart home solutions and services include:

These smart home solutions and services can be implemented in new premises and also retrofitted into existing premises.

Smart Home Products

We offer turn-key solutions in the form of smart home products. Pricing includes installation costs and is also subject to standard installation conditions. We offer:

Our services and product packs deliver empowerment through our high-quality technology creature comfort solutions. During handover, we ensure our clients are provided with a hands-on tutorial of their newly installed systems. We cater for varying levels of tech-literacy and are read to answer your questions, with our ongoing support service offering.

The mutual satisfaction that results from our client’s excited reactions makes our job that much more enjoyable. “Wow!” and “I didn’t know it could do that!” are some pretty common responses from the new owners of recently installed leading edge technologies. As a result, we generate lifelong relationships with our clients.

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Quality Comes First
We are 100% committed to providing the best quality services, and supplying the best quality products. We uphold our internal quality standards, and apply them to all client projects, regardless of scope. Being accountable for quality is an enjoyable challenge and we strive to raise the benchmark, based on the learning experiences in serving our client base. Our key performance indicators are consistently scrutinised, with the aim of bettering ourselves for the benefit of our clients. Our company is respected as an industry leader and we maintain our reputation by delivering on our promise - quality comes first.

Our Process.

In our 30 years of combined experience, we have also identified that each project is completely unique. As a result, we tailor bespoke solutions and cater for each individual set of project requirements.

The only similarity from project to project is our process.

Our tried and true process ensures we accurately address project requirements.

Most noteworthy, our end-to-end solutions are also as unique as our clients.

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