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Universal Remote Control Perth

Are you looking for universal remote control provider in Perth? Then look no further. Comsec Electrical have a strong track record when it comes to remote control app technology. Our proficient technicians can handle your remote control needs, condensing multiple remote controls into a single universal touchscreen device.

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Universal Remote Control

We supply and setup universal remote control technology from Push Controls. We are an authorised dealer of the famous TV remote, that is more than just a TV remote.

Push Controls’ universal remote control is remarkably affordable and uses WiFi to control your home electronics from one single device. On a typical coffee table, you can find remote controls for your TV. Other remote controls include your stereo system, Blu-Ray player, game controller and air conditioning.

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Contact us for more information on simplifying your remote control situation. We condense all your remotes into a single universal remote control.

How the Remote Control App Works

Push Controls’ universal TV remote control app operates on a tablet device. The remote control app is very intuitive and is mastered in seconds by users of varying technical literacy. There is no one-size-fits-all approach! Comsec Electrical modifies your remote control app setup to ensure the most important features are installed for your usage.

We complete installation within 3 to 5 hours. We install the remote control app on more than just one tablet device. Setup and usage of Push Controls’ universal TV remote is also dependent on a robust WiFi internet signal for the Push Controller and tablet to access.

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What else can the Universal Remote Control do?

You can also control multiple zones by purchasing multiple Push Controller systems. Your tablet app can then be setup for you to select the zone you want to control,  such as, the living room or master bedroom.

If you have a WiFi signal at your holiday house, you can also use Push Controls with the same convenience that you do at home.

The app is available for installation on both iOS and Android tablets. If you buy a new tablet, we can re-install the app for you.

Some lighting control and security systems can integrate with the universal remote control.

The universal remote control will integrate with 8 devices that use a standard infrared remote control (TV, stereo, AV receiver, Blue-Ray player, DVD player, etc.) and one serial devices (lighting control or security system).

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