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Access Control Systems Perth, Intercom Systems Perth

Are you looking for quality Intercom Systems Perth? Or are you looking for commercial Access Control Systems Perth? Then look no further. Comsec Electrical have a strong track record when it comes to installing access control systems and intercoms. Our proficient technicians can handle your needs, ranging from a single screen video doorbell, through to 24/7 access control systems for gyms and other commercial premises.

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Intercom Systems Perth

We install intercom solutions for commercial and also residential clientele. All intercoms are contemporary in their design and complement the architecture of your home or business.

Our basic residential intercom solutions are great for identifying visitors to your house. Smart doorbells, also known as a video doorbell, is a simple and effective way to increase your home security. Our advanced residential intercom solutions not only identify visitors, but also handle access control, by allowing you to electronically release locks on property boundary gates, in order to grant guests entry to your home.

The Comsec Electrical team install intercom and access control solutions for apartment complexes, which also assist in identifying potential threats at an entrance.

Commercial intercom solutions allow reception or concierge staff to identify and grant entry to incoming appointments. Your business is equipped with cutting edge functionality, security and style, all integrated into your existing security systems.

The intercom products we source and install allow you to watch over the safety of your premises, while recording visitor interactions using wide-angle camera technology built into a highly functional door station console.

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Access Control Systems Perth

Through the installation of permission management software, our commercial access control systems streamline your business security.

Managing permissions in real-time ensures building access is only granted to people with designated security clearance. We recommend these security features for controlling access to unguarded premises, and for also tracking staff movements throughout your business facility.

Permission management solutions allow your security staff to easily replace lost access cards, add/remove members and update keypad lock sequences if and when required.

Our team can guide you on choosing the best commercial access control system, whether it be a single building, or a system that caters for multiple locations.

Keep track of staff time-sheets and also monitor break times using timestamps in the access control software.

With business security and process automation in mind, we will work with you to establish your access control system requirements.

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Enhance your business and home security

Royal Cabling Services: Access Control Systems Perth, Intercom Systems Perth, Video doorbell

Door station: equipped with a video doorbell, camera and microphone.

Wide angle camera: provides 170 degree viewing of your entrance surrounds.

Monitors: install multiple monitors in different areas of your house in order to identify guests and grant them access.

Main monitor: large touchscreen display that enables you to zoom in.

Storage: record video of guest interactions on an SD card.

Access: release locks electronically with the press of a monitor button.

Easily remove access: Disable access or replace an individual RFID , fob or keycard. Helpful for businesses, apartment complexes, universities and TAFE campuses.

Restrict access: prevent staff access to specific offices, meeting rooms, boardrooms and floors. Prevent entry into restricted departments that may contain sensitive information.

Save on power bills: integrate access control with lighting and air conditioning automation. Turn systems off when a room, office or floor is empty.

Protect business assets: access control systems can identify who enters your business premises. Logs of employee entry and timestamps are recorded, prevent theft of business assets.

24/7 permission management: handy for businesses where patrons or staff arrive and leave at all hours of the day and night.

Intercoms and Access Control System Installation Services

High quality, hassle free, end-to-end installation of intercom systems Perth, and access control solutions. Rely on our expert team to achieve:


Peace of mind for your business and your family.

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High quality HD footage for improved security.


Safety of people including family, staff and public.