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Data Cabling Perth

Are you looking for quality data cabling Perth? Then look no further. Comsec Electrical have been installing data cabling since we were first founded in 2003. Our proficient technicians can handle your data cable installation needs, such as:

  • A single ethernet cable for a temporary hot-desk
  • Network setup for multiple workstations
  • And also structured cabling projects

Our data cabling Perth experts can get you connected.

Data Cable Installation

We use the highest quality category 5e, 6 and 7 cables to achieve commercial grade reliability. The data cable installation team ensure maximum performance and security of your internal network.

We accurately label your integrated hardware then neatly organise, group and terminate cables into corresponding patch panels. The team will cater for your security cameras, point of sale computers and everything in between. Our goal is to achieve seamless integration of your structured cabling network.

Residential data cabling Perth

We also provide smart wiring Perth.

Structured Cabling Perth

We are proud to be one of WA’s largest structured cabling solution providers. Our extensive experience and skill enables us to go the extra mile in providing our corporate customers with the very best cabling solutions.

We implement all types of corporate cabling including data, fibre optic and telecommunications. We minimise business interruption and ensure your printers, file servers, workstations, voice, AV, security systems and network are fully functional.

Contact us today for a quote on structured cabling solutions.

Data Cable Installation Advice and Tips

Royal Cabling Services: Data Cabling Perth, Structured Cabling, Data Cable Installation

We recommend the installation of category 6 cables in favour of category 5e. The extra spend returns your investment, with category 6 cabling providing 10x the speed of category 5e. Then there is category 7, which is a more durable cable, delivering blistering speeds over short distance – making it ideal for smart wiring Perth.

Losing WiFi signal in the office is not ideal. The best thing to do in an office setting is to use data cables, where possible. The following factors could have a negative impact on WiFi signal strength:

  • Distance from the router
  • Bricks, mortar or concrete weakening the signal
  • Or too many connected devices

Install WiFi access points in office black spot areas to boost the signal, which might work for smartphones and also tablets. For uninterrupted connectivity, laptops and also desktop machines should make use of wired connections.

The same principle can be applied in the home for Smart TVs, chromecasts, Apple TVs, gaming systems and streaming services – see our smart wiring page.

Harness Our Data Cabling Perth Expertise

High quality, hassle free, end-to-end installation of data cabling solutions. Rely on us to achieve:

High speed connectivity

Commercial grade network speed and performance.

Flawless integration

Integration with your peripheral systems and services.


Information security for commercial and corporate entities.