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Are you looking for a quality electrician Perth families and businesses can depend on? Then look no further. Comsec Electrical now provide electrical installation for clients in commercial and residential markets. Our proficient technicians can handle your electrical installation needs, whether it be lighting, or complete power installations. Our affiliate provides the skills required of a domestic electrician Perth families can depend on. If you need a quick deadline achieved, Comsec Electrical’s affiliate will deliver the quality standards of a commercial electrician Perth businesses can also depend on.

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Domestic Electrician Perth

Our team perform residential electrical installation services. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, with the team delivering unique solutions for each and every project.

Experience suggests that each home is as individual as its owner, and each project also presents its own requirements. Whether it be high end lighting fixtures or power installation for a brand new home build.

A domestic electrician Perth families can rely on

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Commercial Electrician Perth

Our team of talented commercial electricians perform electrical works for government buildings, retail shops, corporate offices, recreational facilities, as well as factories and also warehouses.

Minimising business downtime, adhering to timelines, meeting project budgets and also complying with Australian regulations are strengths of the team.

A commercial electrician Perth businesses can rely on

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Perth Electrical Sub-Contractors

Royal Cabling Services: Home Automation Perth, Energy Efficient Homes Perth, Domestic Electrician Perth, Commercial Electrician Perth

Our in-house excavation service ensures we can control the quality and care of cabling trenches. Barry, Andy and the dedicated team at Comsec Electrical are skilled in the use of excavators, a value added service we deliver for our clients.

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Installation of safety switches, RCDs, smoke alarms and motion sensor lights.

A residential electrician Perth families can rely on.

Installation of new and retrofitted environmentally friendly lighting aimed at reducing carbon footprint, plus automated lighting solutions.

Fit outs for commercial clients in retail, recreation and corporate sectors.

A commercial electrician Perth businesses can rely on.

Expert Electrical Sub-Contractors Perth

High quality, hassle free, end-to-end installation of power installation solutions. Rely on Comsec Electrical to achieve:

High Quality

Quality workmanship and quality customer service.

Green Energy Solutions

Reduce power usage and discover savings.


Adherence to Australian standards and regulations.